Forest Products

Fleetwood's Forest Products division has more than 30 operations at our customers' mill and production facilities. These operations provide total production services with chip trailers, soft and curtain side flatbeds, and live bottom trailers to our core customers.

These commodities include woodchips, bark, shavings, sawdust, fuel wood, veneer, lumber, plywood, particleboard and OSB. Our range of late model specialized equipment used to safely and efficiently transport these products distinguishes Fleetwood from the other less efficient carriers. In addition, we provide the specialized equipment and qualified operators to load many of these commodities at our customers' mill and facility sites.


With over 350 trucks and trailers on the road at any given time, the trucking operation is a complex one, requiring dispatch and routing of trucks to pick up wood chips from the various mills and deliver them to local paper mills. Fleetwood dispatchers control the efficient routing of our fleet through the use of computer systems and satellite tracking. Dispatchers and coordinators get daily reports insuring an efficient operation. Continuous improvement and flexibility are keys to Fleetwood's success because access to specialized equipment is limited and mill operations change constantly. In addition to its own equipment, Fleetwood uses its broker and owner operator fleets to increase the equipment availability during surge times.

At Fleetwood, we enjoy a long standing relationship with the major companies in the paper and forest products industries and have the reputation of being a well-managed and disciplined company that works as partners with their shippers and customers to provide outstanding service. Please see our tariff information regarding our rules and accessorials tariff applicable to truckload services between points in North America.