November 2018 News Letter

View at 30,000 Feet

At 30,000 feet there is a lot of time for reflection. What I did right this year (this is subjective depending on the audience). What I did wrong this year, but more importantly what did I learn from those choices and how will I act/react in the future to similar choices. Life is a learning process that gives us all the opportunity to make choices. The choice you make to work for me is something I do not take lightly. I know that Fleetwood wouldn't be in the position we are in today without each employee who does those things needed to make us successful. I am truly grateful for all of you and the fact that you choose to work here. I hope everyone has a great holiday season filled with joy. Be careful, we need everyone to continue our road to success.
Jeff Jenkins, CEO


November 2018 News Letter

James Mantooth

How long have you been with Fleetwood?

Over 4 Years

How long have you been driving?

12 years

What do you like about Fleetwood?

Y'all Keep me working

What is your hobby outside of work?

Cooking out and being with family

Thank you, James for all you do at Fleetwood! You are so appreciated!

Shop Talk by Tim Gordon

I have been getting several calls where drivers are getting check engine lights for fuel rail pressure, or injector timing response and reporting low power and engine hesitating when accelerating.
This could mean you have a bad injector in your tractor but 9 times out of 10 it is only a fuel filter issue. The weather has dropped, it has been raining a lot, these issues can cause condensation in your tanks and your filters can plugged from this. Most likely you got a bad tank of fuel from your fuel stop and your filter is now black and plugged up, restricting the fuel coming into your unit giving you the low fuel rail check engine light. Your filter is doing what it is supposed to do, but it might need to be changed out.
If you are having these symptoms, please call the shop for advice and we will head you in the right direction.
It is best to avoid getting fuel if there is a tanker there doing a drop. When tankers are dropping their loads, this tends to stir up the remaining product in the tanks along with all the water and dirt in the bottom and you have a better chance of sucking it up into your tractors tank. It is also not recommended to get fuel in your truck or personal vehicle if you see bags on some of the pumps. This indicates their tanks are low and you also have a better chance of getting water or dirt in your tank off the bottom.

Drive SAFE, be SAFE and do a GOOD PRE and POST TRIP inspection of your Equipment.

Office Spotlight

November 2018 News Letter

Sarah Shea


 How long have you been with Fleetwood? 

4 months

 What is your hobby outside of work? 

I enjoy playing with my kids and taking care of my yard full of chickens. I also enjoy experimenting with funky hair colors.

 What do you like about Fleetwood? 

Everyone is welcoming and accepting. I also like the fact that there are high standards, but everyone will help you reach those standards.

 Tell us about your family? 

IMy husband Galen and I have 2 kids Leia and Parker, I also have 2 wonderful step kids Devan and Mallory

 What kind of music or movies do you like? 

I love it all-Rock and Taylor Swift. Favorite movie is The Princess Bride, unless your talking Disney then it’s the Emperors New Groove.

Thank you, Sarah, for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood. You are so appreciated!




This month our driver chose to park on the shoulder of an off ramp/access road. At approximately 10:30 pm, a young man driving a pickup truck slammed into the rear of our trailer. He was transported with injuries. Police have indicated the young man was at fault and caused the collision, however we don’t want our drivers and equipment exposed to these hazards. The above collision and others in the past have brought us to implement policy against exposure to this type of risk. I will outline a few of the risked that we can associate with parking on the shoulder of a roadway. • Many truck drivers have been killed entering or exiting the cab/or walking by the traffic side of the unit parked on the shoulder. • Tractor trailers have been struck many times throughout the years while attempting to merge back onto the highway after parking on the shoulder. • During inclement weather, these units are often struck by vehicles that have lost control and left the highway. • In fog/other conditions of limited vision, these trucks get slammed into by motorists thinking they are in a lane with other traffic. • Ill, fatigued and distracted drivers tend to drift occasionally from their intended lane of driving. If we are parked on the shoulder, it increases our chance of being involved in serious, even deadly collisions. • If by parking on the shoulder, we impede the view of traffic entering the roadway from intersecting streets and roadways, we could contribute to serious intersection collisions. Often the liability of these can come back against the company and the driver parked on the shoulder. • In addition to injury exposure to company and the general motoring public, we incur major loss in equipment, cargo and production because of collisions where we have parked on the shoulder of roadways. 


No driver will park on the shoulder unless it is a legitimate breakdown. In the event of a breakdown, park as far as is reasonable to right side of the shoulder. Hazard lights on, get warning triangles out as soon as possible after coming to a stop and securing the brakes. Notify help for the breakdown. Other than breakdowns, the only other times we should park on shoulder, at the direction of police or authorized directors of traffic (police, emergency personnel, fire department, etc.) 


Bruce Wrinkle, Director of Safety


November Anniversaries

23 Years

  • Javier Cortes

 15 Years

  • Jose Celedon

 7 Years

  • Noe Heredia

3 Years

  • Michael Brown

2 Years

  • Phillip Sneed
  • Anthony Holder

1 Year

  • Earnest Delane
  • Thomas Wesley
  • David Shepard
  • Joel Garcia

 Thank you all for our hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!

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