June 2018 News Letter

Fleetwood History

From: Ronnie King, Chief Financial Officer
In this month’s newsletter, I thought I would give you a brief history lesson on how Fleetwood Transportation Services, Inc. was formed. On April 5,1978, G. P. Bourrous Trucking Company, Inc., was incorporated. In November of that same year, G. P. Bourrous, the owner of Bourrous Trucking purchased the authority of Jack Young and Ida L. Young, a partnership doing business as J & L Truck Lines out of Silsbee, Texas. Since this was the days of regulation, this authority allowed Bourrous to transport wood chips, bark, woodwaste, sawdust and shavings from certain points in southeast Texas to all points in Texas east of Highway 81 and 181. This was the start of the largest forest products by-product hauler in Texas being formed. In 1988, Mr. Bourrous sold the company for the first time to Signet, a shipping company that handles marine services internationally. This transaction didn’t work out for the new owners and later in the same year, Mr. Bourrous regained ownership of the Company. He then sold it again in February
1989 to the current ownership group. At the time of the sale, the Company owned 14 tractors and 66 trailers. In addition, there were 125 owner operators leased to the Company. On August 1, 1996 a certificate was filed with The State of Texas to change the name from G. P. Bourrous Trucking Company, Inc. to Fleetwood Transportation Services, Inc. So, now you know…

Be safe!


June 2018 News Letter

May Driver Spotlight

Marc Soto
How long have you been with Fleetwood?
About a Month
How long have you been driving?
2 Years
What do you like about Fleetwood?
Fleetwood has given me the chance to finally be home and
not over the road gone all the time!
What is your hobby outside of work?
I love to work on cars and fish
Do you have a family?
I am divorced, but I have 3 beautiful daughters!
What is your favorite Music and Movies?
My favorite song is Troubadour by George Strait, and A
Bugs Life is my movie!

 Thank you, Marc for all that you do at Fleetwood! We appreciate you! 

Summer Heat

Shop Talk

Summer heat is on us and we all want our air conditioners working to the best of its ability. The best thing you can do is to keep the radiator and condenser blown out and free of debris that will block your air flow. Chips and shavings plug this area and prevent good air flow. Keeping the radiator clean will also help keep your tractor from overheating in the summer’s heat. If your A/C system freezes up, shut it off or turn on your defroster, this will help to thaw out your system. When idling, be sure and have your tractor on high idle, it is better for your tractor engine; emissions and your A/C will function better at a high idle. Make sure you are getting your tractor p.m. performed every 15,000 miles, this is also important in keeping your tractor from overheating. Keeping your filters changed and allowing a mechanic to inspect your tractor will keep it functioning properly for you.

Fleetwood runs recap tires on the trailers and some tractor drive tires, everyone fears the heat of summer when it comes to recap tires. This is old school thinking, recaps are made so much better today, the glues and compounds are developed to work under these conditions. It is very important to keep your tires inflated to 100 psi, yes, they will expand when traveling in the heat of the summer but keeping your tires at 100 is where they need to be, they will build to 115 and cool back down. Keeping them under inflated will cause issues.

Perform proper daily pre-trip inspections to keep our equipment safe for you and those sharing the highways around you. The Dot are out, so know your truck and trailer are taken care of.  Be Safe

Office Spotlight

June 2018 News Letter

Cynthia Rendon

 How long have you been with Fleetwood?   About a month

What is your hobby outside of work? Photography, reading comic books, writing, drawing, dancing and singing.

What do you like about Fleetwood? The people/co-workers.

Tell us about your family?  I’ve been with my fiancé for almost 4 years, no kids…..Yet!

What kind of music or movies do you like? I enjoy all kinds of music. My all time favorite movie is Spirited Away.


Welcome to Fleetwood Cynthia! Thank you for your hard work so far, we are excited for your future here at Fleetwood!


Take Control Of Situations While You Drive

Take Control of Situations While You Drive

By Bruce Wrinkle

As a driver, it is important to continuously evaluate road, weather and traffic. While we have little choice in exposure to all three, we have total control over how we adjust our driving for each. In heavy traffic, we should increase following distance, maintain good mirror scans, observe conditions ¼ mile of more to the front of the unit, and reduce speed to fit the current environment. You can avoid many potential hazards by staying focused.

Making the wrong decision in proper following distance is solely on the driver. Don’t allow pressure from delivery schedules, personal problems, and other drivers actions deter you from good following distance. If you allow someone tailgating you to cause you to forfeit safe following distance, you have given that person control of your vehicle.

If you are pushing maximum speeds in turns, curves and traffic because of schedule, you are taking unnecessary risks and taking control out of your hands. When approaching a stale green light, take proactive control and be prepared to stop.

In heavy traffic, exercise highway courtesy and caution. Don’t allow yourself to drive in an aggressive manner. Be prepared for the unexpected and anticipate other vehicles making mistakes. Avoid unnecessary lane changes. If you are nearing a town or intersection, you gain nothing by passing other traffic.

When you are doing vehicle inspections, don’t take shortcuts. Take a good look at your truck and trailer each time your out of the cab. Failure to perform pre, in route and post inspections can allow unseen issues to interfere with safety. Take control and perform good vehicle inspections.



Control what you can and prepare for what you can’t!


June Anniversaries

23 Years

  • Clint Morgan

 20 Years

  • Nancy Oldham

 19 Years

  • Jorge Jasso

10 Years

  • Rafael Duran
  • Francisco Lopez
  • Peter Mitchell

8 Years

  • William Wylie

5 Years

  • Chase Morgan
  • Henry Williams

 4 Years

  • James Mantooth

2 Years

  • James Teresi Jr

1 Year

  • Alphonso Stubblefield
  • Eddie Allen
  • Derrich Tyler
  • Christopher Byrd
  • Howard Roper
  • Danny Sweet

 Thank you all for our hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!

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