January 2018 News Letter

Volume 13 Edition 1

January 2018

Happy New Year. I would like to say, “Thank You” to each and every one of you. In retrospect this last year has seen numerous changes and has had its challenging moments but as a team we persevered and overcame those challenges to end the year on a positive note. I hope that 2018 will be great for you if you put your mind to your goals and work hard to achieve them. As a team we can accomplish anything and everything. I appreciate all you did in 2017 whether you worked at Fleetwood for the whole year or joined us recently. I hope that each of you may accomplish all that you set your minds to. If there is anything that I can do to help you achieve your goals for the new year, please reach out to me.

Jeff Jenkins President & CEO

January Driver Spotlight

BJ Herrington- Van Division

How long have you been with Fleetwood? On and off since 1999

How long have you been driving? 35 Years

What do you like about Fleetwood? That it is like a family.

What is your hobby outside of work? Fishing, Camping, and Projects around the house.

Do you have a family? My wife Mary passed away last April, but I raise two of my grandchildren!

What kind of music do you like? Rock to Country

Thank you, BJ for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood, we appreciate you!

Shop Talk

The shop has been busy installing Zonar computers in our company and owner operator tractors the past 2 weeks and this will continue thru this week with a crew going to Monroe, LA. I’d like to thank all our drivers for your patience with this process and getting this project completed. If you have not gotten a unit installed I ask that you get with your dispatcher to make plans to get this done as soon as possible.

Once the Zonar project is close to being finished we want to get back into installing the automated tarps on our chip trailers.

This project will take several years to get completed on our chip fleet but will be a time saving item for all involved.

From the shop I’d like to wish all a Happy New Year. Remember there are crazy drivers out there that we must share the roadways with. Keep your eyes moving at all times, watch for those who like to cut in front of semi-tractors and don’t realize how much longer it takes you to come to a stop. If I deer comes in your path do not attempt to avoid it, keep your rig on the roadway so you don’t loose control. Be safe and have a Good Holiday.

Sadie Weathers

How long have you been with Fleetwood? Started in June 1997, left for about 5 months rehired in 2001, been here since. After leaving Fleetwood for that short time, I had no desire to go anywhere else. This was home, and this is where I knew I would en

d up retiring. Fleetwood has been good for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work.

What do you like about Fleetwood? The family atmosphere

What is your hobby outside of work? Camping, Arts and Crafts

Tell us about your family? Married for 44 years, I have 1 daughter, 3 Grandchildren, and 1 Great-Granddaughter

What kind of music do you like? Love the oldies of the 50’s and 60’s

Thank you, Sadie for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood, we appreciate you!

Holiday Greetings from Safety!!

We first want to wish you a Safe and Happy New Year!

While I would like to keep this message on the holiday season, I feel it is important to address a few safety concerns.

Over the past 12 months, we have been involved in several collisions. While all have not been our fault, I would like to touch on two types that are certainly preventable and have a high percentage of injury:

  • Rear-end collision
  • Lane Change collision

It is always preventable when we rear-end another vehicle. This group is avoidable by exercising good following distance, speed for conditions and high aim driving (stay focused on the quarter mile to the front of the vehicle). In normal driving, 4-6 seconds is the minimum recommended following distance (increase for heavier traffic, weather and construction zones). This is about 2 football fields (a 70-mph truck is traveling 105 feet per second) and should be increased to 3 or more football fields to adjust for road conditions and construction zones. This allows adequate time to slow gradually to avoid impact to the front of the vehicle. Note: a simple way to check following distance is to let the vehicle in front of you pass a landmark (bridge, sign, etc.) then slow count one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three and up to one thousand six. One thousand six ensures following distance of approximately six seconds.

This collision has potential for serious injury. If the front corner of the truck impacts the rear half of a car, the car often spins around across the front of the truck. From there it will often eject to the left of the truck (this exposes the car to oncoming traffic or traffic in the fast lane). If no other vehicle impacts the car, it will often come back in to the fuel/drive tire area of your truck. The force from this is like a head on collision. To avoid this collision; Ensure you can monitor the lane change from start to finish. If you have traffic in front of you, allow your following distance to increase. This will allow you to focus most of your attention to the lane change.

Thanks, and let’s make 2018 a great year for Fleetwood and our drivers!

January Anniversaries

17 Years

Lou Williams

13 Years

William Ketchum

7 Years

Allen Furlow

6 Years

Steve Groce

4 Years

Brandon Cherry

2 Years

Oliver Randle

Tim Hughes

Justin Baker

William Jones

1 Year

Debra Simons

Kodi Wyatt

William Coleman

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!

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