February 2018 News Letter


From: Ronnie King, Chief Financial Officer

January is now behind us and as we move into February, I have a couple of questions for you. How many of you made New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you made a resolution to start a diet to lose weight. Maybe is was a resolution to get healthier by eating better and exercising more. Maybe you set a goal to curtail your spending and save more money. After 30 days, how many of you are still committed to the success of your resolution?

The management team here at Fleetwood also set some resolutions in January. We set not only short-term goals but also some long-term ones as well. One of the long-term goals we set is to completely “replace” the company truck fleet over the course of the next 5 years. If you do the math, we should purchase between 15 and 20 new tractors per year to reach this goal. Fleetwood’s Board of Directors has given us approval to spend almost $1.7 million to purchase up to 15 tractors this year. We hope to start taking delivery of a portion of these new tractors in the next 60 days. Our hope is to eventually get on a cycle of replacing each tractor every 4 years.

We think that by upgrading our tractor fleet and getting on a four-year cycle, maintenance costs and down time should be reduced dramatically. This should in turn help with driver satisfaction. We are reinvesting in our company because we believe in each and every one of you.

Be safe!


February Driver Spotlight


Terry Fegan-Forest Products

How long have you been with Fleetwood? September will be 18 Years

How long have you been driving? Around 35 Years

What do you like about Fleetwood? They don’t bother you, just let you work. Loves working for Fleetwood.

What is your hobby outside of work? Working out and working on his personal vehicles

Do you have a family? I have 3 kids who are all grown, and one grandchild

What kind of music do you like? R&B

Thank you, Terry for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood, we appreciate you!

A message from Bruce Wrinkle, Director of Safety.

Your help is needed Immediately!

Our CSA (roadside inspection) scores have worsened in Maintenance and Hours of Service.

Maintenance: To improve this area, We need to perform good pre-trip inspections. In addition, it is critical to check your

vehicle at each stop during the day to ensure all is still good with the equipment. Don’t take a unit on the road, if you know it will not pass a DOT roadside inspection.

With the Zonar installed on the trucks, it is important to pay attention to your hours available to avoid violation of the required break in first 8 hours, your 11, 14 and 70 hour rule. Also, you must keep a paper log book in the unit in the event of Zonar failure. If you do not understand parts of the Zonar, contact Debra Williams in Diboll Safety.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Updated Safety Department Contacts Amanda Cannon - 936-829-7072


While the above is a list of things for which she is responsible, she has many other duties.

Debra Williams - 936-829-7034

Orientation Coordinator, ZONAR and Hours of service, Citations are all under her responsibilities. Trains and assist drivers with Zonar.

Amy Land - 936-829-7051

Gail has accepted another position with Fleetwood and is currently training Amy as her replacement.

Driver Qualification and Compliance, Annual Review of Driving Records, Driver License renewals, Physical renewals and assist in Orientation.

Ongoing auditing of compliance to notify drivers of expiring physicals, licenses, etc.

Mechanic Spotlight


Willie Brown

How long have you been with Fleetwood? Start date with Fleetwood was in May of 1992, so 25+ years.

How long have you been a Mechanic? 32 Years

What is your hobby outside of work? I like to cook on the pit, work in the yard, and I enjoy road trips and fishing.

What do you like about Fleetwood? Good people, and always a challenge with new equipment.

Tell us about your family? My wife Leslie and I have 2 Children and 5 Grandkids

What kind of music or movies do you like? Country Music and SCI-FI movies

Thank you, Willie for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood, we appreciate you!

Shop Talk

I get to meet most of the new hires that go thru our orientation process here at Diboll, but most of you don’t get to see or meet the Mechanics behind the scene doing all the repairs to our equipment here at the shop. They are a good group of tech’s with a variety of talents that are needed to keep our fleet on the road and safe. It is always good to put a face to folks that we all will have to interact with at some point in time during our careers at Fleetwood.

From Left to Right: Chris Headley who started with us in November ‘17 Chris is presently enrolled in the Angelonia college diesel class due to graduate this spring. Sadie

Weathers who was featured in last month’s newsletter. Michael Tool has been with us since March ‘17 came to us from the Lufkin bus barn. In the front row with the tan uniform is Larry Franks who has been with us since August ’12. Larry has years of

experience driving, working on semi’s and running his own shop. In the middle is Tim Gordon Director of maintenance who joined us March ’15. Clarence Williamson is a jack of all trades and been able to handle all tasks given to him started November ‘17. Scott Heinen started November ’17. Scott’s computer and engine knowledge is so good and vast it scares us. On the end we have the shop Foreman Willie Brown. Willie has been with Fleetwood since May ‘92. Willie knows this fleet like the back of his hand and can tell what is wrong with a tractor or trailer in his sleep. I have a well-rounded crew with young ones and aged ones that work together very well.

When you come to Diboll to get your unit worked on you now know who you are talking to and who is working on our fleet keeping it safe on our roadways.


February Anniversaries

23 Years

Charles Smith

Jimmy Warren

17 Years

Leonel Castro

15 Years

Laurie Wooten

10 Years

Joe Flores

9 Years

Floyd Christensen

5 Years

Socorro Diosdado

JC Wilson

2 Years

Javier Escobedo

Alexis Wagoner

1 Year

Joshua Bartie

Jackie Vaughn

Oscar Carter

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!


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