December 2018 News Letter

Happy Holidays

Wow! December is upon us and another year is now in the rearview mirror. First, I would like to wish warm greetings of Christmas to our employees and contractors. I hope that you are truly able to enjoy and experience the true spirit of the season.
Because of you, our dedicated employees, we have made progress on many of the challenges that faced us at the beginning of the year. We also know that many challenges remain, and we will be faced with additional challenges in 2019. December is known as a time for giving. At Fleetwood, we are truly blessed that so many of you are willing to go above and beyond in giving of your time and effort each and every month to make Fleetwood a successful company. Your dedication to our company doesn’t go unrecognized.
One of these dedicated servants was Lou Williams. Lou retired on November 30 after 18 years of service. Congratulations Lou on your retirement!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Be safe!
Ronnie, CFO


December 2018 News Letter

Preston Beard

How long have you been with Fleetwood?

A few months

How long have you been driving?

4 years

What do you like about Fleetwood?

Having the option to run when I want to and being able to bring the truck home.

What is your hobby outside of work?

Four-wheeler riding, hunting, fishing, video games, working on atvs, and spending time with my family.

Tell us about your Family?
Married and we have a daughter
Favorite music and movie?
Music is Rock and Movie is Roger Rabbit

Thank you, Preston for all you do at Fleetwood! You are so appreciated!

Shop Talk by Tim Gordon

Shop Talk

As 2018 starts to wind down I think it is always good for us to reflect back on the good things we have accomplished this year and some of the things we need to work on to make Fleetwood and 2019 an even better year.
We started to install electric flip tarps on out chip trailers in 2018, so it would be easier & safer for drivers. We installed 30 of these, but on the flip side of this we had to replace, rebuild and repair 10 of them due to damage. We have moved on to roll tarp system on our trailers. We have installed 4 in Louisiana and 9 so far at the Diboll shop. I just had 10 more delivered, and we will continue to install the roll tarps at a rapid pace to help improve our efficiencies. I ask that you all remember to hook your chains on the flip tarps to secure them during travel time and on the roll tarps, be sure and secure all the straps to hold the tarp in place.
We are putting together a service van to visit our mills and inspect/repair our trailers and assist in keeping them safe, and the DOT off our backs. This does not mean that you as a driver do not need to perform your daily pre-trip inspection of the equipment you are driving just because a Fleetwood mechanic looked at it the day before. We will stock as many items as we can think of on the van to make needed repairs and I’m sure we will be adding to it after every trip.
We have ordered 10 new Peterbilt day cabs to arrive this spring. They have been ordered with a hydraulic tank on the passenger side so we have the ability to upgrade our tractors with wet kits pulling our live bottom trailers. I look forward to arrival of these units. We also added 3 switch tractors with hydraulic 5th wheels on them. They replaced older day cab tractors where you had to crank trailer landing legs to move units in and out of the bins, this is no longer necessary.
Fleetwood has made a lot on improvements in 2018 and we should all be looking forward to a great 2019 with more advances to come

Office Spotlight

December 2018 News Letter

Cody Courtney

  How long have you been with Fleetwood? 

Since July

 What is your hobby outside of work? 

Slow pitch softball, Golf, & Fishing

 What do you like about Fleetwood? 

The sense of comradery

 Tell us about your family? 

Single if interested call ...

 What kind of music or movies do you like? 

Texas/Red Dirt Country

Thank you, Cody, for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood. You are so appreciated!



Safety Message
I am going to use the safety newsletter to re-state some of the requirements from the compliance/safety part of our company.
All monthly maintenance summaries: must be in by 10th of the current month for the month prior.
Hours of Service/Logs: For those on paper logs, all logs from the prior week should be submitted the following week. This may be done on the same app you use for sending in BOL and other information. There is even a tab for you to click on and it will send to logs.
AOBRD USERS: You must log in prior to moving the unit. Leaving to pick up your load is considered dispatch miles and should be on the Drive line of the graph.
The tablet should remain docked at all times (exceptions at request of Maintenance, Safety or ZONAR). To drive while logged off duty, out of the docking station or while in the sleeper is a FALSE LOG and is illegal and unacceptable. Please adhere to regulations and company policy>
DVIR (daily vehicle inspection reports): This is required from every driver on each piece of equipment operated. These too may be sent in through the same app used for BOL and other paperwork.
DOT ROADSIDE INSPECTIONS: ALL ROADSIDE INSPECTIONS MUST BE SENT IN TO SAFETY. ALL OUT OF SERVICE INSPECTIONS MUST BE REPORTED BY THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY AND PROOF OF REPAIRS AND THE INSPECTION SENT TO SAFETY. All other violations noted on the inspection must be repaired before your next dispatch. Proof of repairs must be sent to Safety for all.
ACCIDENT REPORTING: Accidents must be reported to Safety immediately
Safety Number: OFFICE: 936-829-7071 OR CELL: 936-635-9832
Your cooperation in the above is appreciated,
Bruce Wrinkle
Director of Safety


December Anniversaries


  • Josue Morales
  • Luis Morles

6 Years

  • Bobby Loper

5 Years

  • Carlos Benoit

3 Years

  • Frederick Jackson

1 Year

  • Tom Riley
  • Deantrius Capers
  • LC Malone

 Thank you all for our hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!

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