August 2018 News Letter

Control the tongue

I was in Church a couple of weeks ago and the Rev. Mark Newton with First Baptist Church Lufkin gave a sermon on a subject that I wanted to share with everyone at Fleetwood. This is an excerpt of his sermon on the mouth, or more specifically, the tongue. defines the tongue as follows: “the tongue is composed of muscles…that aids in the formation of the sounds of speech and coordinates it movement to aid in swallowing”. Concerning the tongue, the Bible says: it frames deceit (Psalm 50:19), it devises destruction and devours (Psalm 52:2-4), it is a sharp sword (Psalm 57:4), it breaks bones (Proverbs 25:15), it back bites (Proverbs 25:23), it flatters (Proverbs 28:23), it even poisons (Romans 3:13). It is important for you to know that the tongue is neither a friend nor a foe. It is merely a messenger that delivers the dictates of our heart. So, when we read the word tongue in scripture, we need to think heart.
No author in the Bible wrote more about the tongue/heart than James in his New Testament letter. Three points to make concerning the tongue. 1) The tongue is small…yet, so powerful! To illustrate, a rider can control a horse’s whole body with a small piece of metal in a horse’s mouth and a couple of strips of leather. In the same way, James says, the tongue is a small bit nestled in our mouths, and yet it controls our whole being. 2) The tongue is needed…yet so dangerous! The tongue has turned sister against sister, neighbor against neighbor, peer against peer, and church against church. James says most all animals can be tamed and have been tamed, but no one can tame the tongue, except God! 3) The tongue is helpful…yet so inconsistent. It praises on one hand and curses on another.
So, what’s the application for us today? The tongue displays who or what we really are. Mouth sins have somehow become accepted and even used to entertain. Gossip, slander, complaining, lying, criticizing, and judging, seem to have become little habits that are no longer serious. My prayer for you is that love and joy fill your heart, so that your tongue reflects the true person you are.
Be safe!

Ronnie CFO


August 2018 News Letter

Glen Horton

How long have you been with Fleetwood?

About 3 months

How long have you been driving?

About 7 years

What do you like about Fleetwood?

Good place to work. Haven’t had any issues so far.

What is your hobby outside of work?

Fishing when I get the chance

Do you have a family?

I am Married and have two girls!

What is your favorite Music and Movies?

Country Music and Action Movies! 

Shop Talk

Don’t you just hate when you go to pick up a loaded trailer and it has a flat tire, it’s after hours and you can’t move it or get it fixed? Or maybe you are doing your pre-trip on a loaded trailer and find the right rear mud flap torn off, lights are inoperable or keep blowing fuses on your tractor due to a ground wire rubbing somewhere in the back of the trailer. The point is someone left this trailer in this condition and just grabbed another unit rather than having it fixed at the time and continued doing their job.

 We need to change our habits and help ourselves and others that we work with. In your pre and post trip inspection, when you find something wrong, address it, don’t just leave it for the next driver to handle. Contact dispatch or maintenance and inform someone so we can address the equipment needs, and yes it may require your help, but the trailer will get fixed.

We need to get a better mindset on these types of problems and help each other out. Don’t be the guy that leaves a wounded soldier in the field, set an example and get it handled. 

Office Spotlight

August 2018 News Letter

Calvin Banks


 How long have you been with Fleetwood? 

20 Years in October

What positions have you held here?

Previously was a mill supervisor, currently a dispatcher.

 What is your hobby outside of work? 

Camping and Traveling

 What do you like about Fleetwood? 

Friendly people to work with and great work environment.

 Tell us about your family? 

My wife is Sherry, My kids are Stephanie and Daniel, One grandchild, Christopher.

 What kind of music or movies do you like? 

George Jones, Merle Haggard, 80s Country.

    Thank you, Calvin, for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood. We appreciate you!



Well, it didn’t take long for to heat up once we got past the late spring! I will

attempt to address a few of the hot weather hazards.

This is the time we share the road with numerous vacationers. Many of these will be pulling trailers and may have limited experience.

The following is a list of some of the problems:

1.       When these vehicles are passing you, be prepared in the event they have not adequately cleared your vehicle before they change back

into your lane.

2.    Pay attention to the vehicle passing you. If they are towing to fast (their trailer may start to move from side to side. If so, back off. This

is where many get in trouble towing light vehicles and ultimately their speed causes them to lose control.

3.       Expect many of the drivers to suffer from fatigue and inattention.

Some of them have not driven for extended periods of time or distance. They may demonstrate less understanding for the rules of the road.

4.       Expect them to make unexpected turns and stops due to being semi

lost in their directions.

5.       When boats and open trailers are near your vehicle be prepared for unsecured items, as these may blow off in your immediate vicinity.

6.       Keep a close watch on your tire pressures, as they will really heat up during the hottest months (Even more if low of air pressure).

Next, to address your well being during the heat, if working in the direct heat make sure your drinking enough fluids, find a shade or in the air conditioning to cool off when if you feel yourself getting hot.

Make sure you have your head covered when working in the sun. Wear loose cotton clothing and lighter colors lessen the affect of the sun. Avoid heavy meals when performing work in the heat.

Gatorades and water are better than sugary drinks.

In closing, remember, slow and steady in driving and physical work is the safest practice during the hottest months. Have a safe summer at home and on the job!!


August Anniversaries

27 Years

  • Isidro Mendoza

 25 Years

  • Ned Johnson

 15 Years

  • John Morgan

11 Years

  • Kenneth Sudds

6 Years

  • Alberto Limon
  • Larry Franks

2 Years

  • Fernando Rodriguez SR

1 Year

  • Andre Mcclanahan
  • Richard Comer
  • Everett Comer JR
  • Garrett Johnson
  • Mitchell Graham
  • Richard Kee
  •  Rodrigo Millan
  • Roddrick Cage
  • James Johnson
  • Joshua Mckey

 Thank you all for our hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!

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