April 2018 Newsletter

April 2018 Newsletter
April 2018 Newsletter

Office Spotlight

Lou Williams 

  • How long have you been with Fleetwood? 17 Years.
  • What is your hobby outside of work? Camping and Fishing
  • What do you like about Fleetwood? Constantly learning, I enjoy working with staff, drivers and customers.
  • Tell us about your family? I have two children and two grandchildren
  • What kind of music do you like? Gospel Music, old school R&B and some country

Thank you, Lou for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood, we appreciate you!

April 2018 Newsletter

Driver Spotlight

Nick Moore 

  • How long have you been with Fleetwood?Almost 2 Years
  • How long have you been driving? About 18 Years
  • What do you like about Fleetwood? I like the fact that if you sow positive seeds you get positive results, get up and work and the company will keep you going; and when you need anything everyone in the office treats you like family. 
  • What is your hobby outside of work? Reading 
  • Do you have a family? I am Married with 10 kids! 
  • What is your favorite movie?IT, Horror movies. 

Thank you, Nick for all that you do at Fleetwood! We appreciate you!


Fueling Policy Changes

In 2017, Fleetwood’s fuel expense was the second largest expense item trailing only vehicle maintenance (which includes tire expenses). Controlling these costs obviously plays an integral role in the profitability of the Company. In the past, our Forest Product division trucks that used our EFS card system had an open network which allowed them to fuel at any fueling location that accepted EFS. This was done out of necessity because of the remote locations that we operated out of and in to. However, additional fuel stops have been built and Southern Loggers Co-op now has fueling locations along all our routes. To minimize our fuel expense, effective Monday, April 2, 2018, we will no longer have an “open” network and will instead be using a “limited” network on EFS cards. This applies to Company trucks and Owner Operator trucks. The only fueling locations that will be allowed on the limited network are Loves, Pilot and Petro. It would also include most of the old TA’s and Flying J’s since Pilot and Petro own most of these locations. Owner operators are still free to fuel wherever they choose, you will just have to use another method of payment outside of the EFS card. If you have questions, please contact Gina at the Diboll office. 
Be safe!

Shop Talk

Ronnie King, Chief Financial Officer 

Spring is here, the weather is clearing so there is no reason for you not to do a good pre-trip inspection of your equipment before hitting the road. I cannot express enough the importance of a proper pre and post trip inspection. Following these guidelines can keep your tractor on the road. They will also save not only the company money but also yourself time and money. Not doing a proper inspection prevents you from moving down the road when something that could have been prevented isn’t caught and repaired. You can catch the early warning signs of a faulty tire, leaking wheel seal, low brake lining, low engine oil or coolant that can shut you down. When we do not do a proper pre or post trip inspection we run the risk of being pulled over and the DOT, giving a repair ticket, putting the equipment out of service and giving CSA points to you as a driver.  To assist company drivers in performing your pre-trip inspects using the Zonar as a scan tool. We are installing buttons in 7 key locations of the tractor, so you must go to the spot, perform your inspection, and scan the button with your hand held Zonar. There will be:

  • 2 tags on the dash, a black asset tag and a yellow tag to be scanned for compliance inspection.
  • 1 tag on the seat base for cab items, ie fire ext., safe triangles.
  • 1 tag on driver’s side of hood
  • 1 tag on the front frame right side by shock for right side engine, brakes, ect.
  • 1 tag left side truck frame by shock for inspection of this area
  • 1 tag on right rear for brake, tire, suspension inspection
  • 1 tag on left rear for same inspection process

Be sure and inspect lights and listen for air leaks as you move from area to area. Items will be listed in each area on your Zonar as the tags are scanned for you to inspect. Preventive maintenance is the key to reducing excessive down, breakdowns and reducing Maintenance cost.


Tim Gordon Director of Maintenance

It is critical the following procedure is followed for Accidents/Collisions!

What to do if involved in an Accident/Collision  Accidents, no matter how minor must be reported immediately, especially if it involves an occupied vehicle.   Bruce Wrinkle, Director of Safety, Office: 936-829-7071 Cell: 936-635-9832 (24 hours/7days week) Email: bruce.wrinkle@ftwd.net  If you do not get an answer in 4 to 5 min, call again. Bruce is mobile much of the time and may not have a signal. Do not assume a voicemail will suffice. During business hours, just call Safety in Diboll, if you do not reach Bruce. If you are unable to reach Bruce, contact your manager or Diboll Maintenance.  MAKE SURE MANAGEMENT IS NOTIFIED BY ACTUALLY SPEAKING TO SOMEONE Steps to Follow

  • Secure the scene. Warning triangles out ASAP
  • Approach the other vehicle. Ask for their name and contact information for our insurance.(While at the other vehicle, take an account of any passengers, approx.. ages, etc). Usually, the other party will provide their name and contact, if you approach before the police arrive. Unfortunately, if we don’t get the information at that time it can be days before it becomes available. Provide the other vehicle with Fleetwood Safety Contact information (if you offer this, they are usually more agreeable to share their contact information)
  • Get their license plate #
  • Only talk to the investigating officer and our insurance adjuster. Do not talk about the accident to people who show up at the scene. Give only the facts.
  • Take photos, not just of the damage. Get photos from 100 yards each way if possible, photos of any contributing factors (Vehicles blocking view of intersection, Trees, shrubs, potholes, uneven pavement and in the case of OV being in poor condition (bald tires, plastic over windows, etc) Basically get pictures of any contributing factors.
  • All time at the scene and time spent drug/alcohol testing logged on-duty not driving.
  • When reporting be prepared by knowing your exact location (hwy, milemarker, nearest town, etc.)




  • Ronnie King - 31 Years
  • Joseph Cooper - 18 Years
  • Patrick Redmon - 16 Years
  • Ricardo Mendoza - 10 Years
  • Jorge Gonzalez - 8 Years
  • Norman Suber - 5 Years
  • Welton Blackmon - 5 Years
  • Troy Vaughn Jr - 4 Years
  • Kenneth Washington - 3 Years
  • Jose Luis Soto - 3 Years
  • Andrew Little - 3 Years
  • Jeffery Hayes - 2 Years
  • Michael Smith - 2 Years
  • Damon Nevels - 1 Year
  • Gre'Land Mack - 1 Year
  • Kendall Epps - 1 Year


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Text them to 936-465-7157 or email to regina.flowers@ftwd.net