ELD Mandate

Fleetwood Transportation Services, Inc.


To: Fleetwood Transportation Services, Inc.

From: Jeff Jenkins, CEO

CC: Peter Lynch, COB

RE: ELD (Electronic Log Device) Mandate

December 18th, 2017 the Department of Transportation has declared that all trucks be equipped with ELDs for the use of logging driver hours of service. To remain compliant with the federal regulations Fleetwood will begin implementation of these devices over the next few weeks. All company trucks and owner operators will need to comply by the December deadline.

Fleetwood has decided to partner with Zonar Systems to be the primary ELD supply partner. More detailed information will be forthcoming about Zonar (www.zonarsystems.com) and the affect it will have in the weeks to follow. There will also be a secondary option available that the company will provide to all owner operators that choose to not go with Zonar.

We will have training available to every employee or contractor who is affected by this change. We hope that you will help us embrace this change and make it as effective as it can be.

I personally want to thank you prior to the implementation of this law for your cooperation and compliance.

Jeff Jenkins