December 2017 News Letter

December Driver Spotlight

Joe Cooper

How long have you been with Fleetwood? 17 years

How long have you been driving? Almost 20 Years

What do you like about Fleetwood? That I am able to work at my own pace, make as much money as I want, and the people our outstanding to work for, if I need something I call and its handled.

What is your hobby outside of work? I referee high school sports.

How many children do you have? I have four kids

What kind of music do you like? R&B

Thank you, Joe Cooper for all you have done and continue to do at Fleetwood, we appreciate you!

Fleetwood Port Logistics

I have always preached openness to our associates when it comes to matters of our business. When things become available to discuss I would like to get it out in front of the people that run our business as soon as possible so that there is no question as to the direction we are headed. Therefore, I want to inform you we have agreed to sell Fleetwood Port Logistics to Portside Cargo

Services, LLC on October 30, 2017.

We appreciate all our associates that work for Fleetwood Port Logistics, and wish them continued success with the new ownership.

Jeff Jenkins President & CEO


Introducing our Forest Products Driver Advocate!

Hi. My Name is Alexis Wagoner.

I am the driver advocate here at Fleetwood. What is a driver advocate you ask? Great question. Some of my duties include repairing issues related to driver payroll, studying fuel purchases and MPG reports to better assist the driver in obtaining the best possible fuel mileage. In a nutshell, anything

that is related to the heart beat of Fleetwood, the driver, is my duty. I spent the first six months of my employment at Fleetwood in the

Accounts Receivable. I then moved into the Recruiting department where I learned various aspects of the transportation industry. The experience I gained in the Recruiting Department has allowed me to develop the skills needed to fill the position as Driver Advocate. I urge all forest products drivers and owners to call me with any issues they may have or even to

chat, so we can develop a relationship to insure you that you have that one person at Fleetwood to meet your needs.


Winter Driving Season and It’s Challenges

When we think of winter driving, we generally think of road conditions. However, I would like to caution each of you on some of the other hazards we should expect.

Be prepared to reduce speed for the prevailing weather conditions. Anticipate icy/slick spots on bridges, hills and shaded areas of the roadway. If the conditions are to the point where even reducing speed will not ensure adequate vehicle control, find a safe place to park until roadways improve.

In addition, winter hazards increase your chances for slips and falls. Be alert to possible slick spots when walking, entering/exiting the truck. It is tempting to put our hands in our pockets when extremely cold, but should you slip on ice/slick spots you could fall in a manner that exposes you to head injuries. Often the back of the head is the first part to hit the pavement when this occurs.

Winter is accompanied by large increases in traffic during the holidays.

Expect other motorists to be distracted and be alert to indecisive or sporadic driving. Many are focused on last minute shopping or getting to festivities and will make poor, sometimes sudden changes in direction or speed. Other holiday concerns are cargo/equipment theft. Make sure your truck and load are parked in a secure area. Theft is especially high during the holidays.

While these are just a few of the winter concerns, they do describe some of the added hazards.

Reduce speed, be aware of temperature and road conditions, allow

additional time for congestion and traffic slow-downs.


Thanks for your help in staying accident free this winter,

Bruce Wrinkle Director or Safety

December Anniversaries

7 Years

Jose Morales Luis Morales Josue Morales

5 Years

Bobby Loper Garrett Norman

4 Years

Carlos Benoit

2 Years

Steven Cummings Christopher Hale Frederick Jackson

1 Year

Kelly Williamson Juan Valdez Barry Wyatt Hugh Hubbard Donnie Prather Antonio Green

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to Fleetwood!

A note from maintenance

Shop Talk

As a reminder to all, the shop has a 24hr / 7 day a week Emergency break down service to help our drivers. Keep in mind this is an Emergency after hours service only. P.M.’s, truck washes, ordering of parts on the weekends and after hours are not an emergency, being broke down on the side of the road is.

Strange as it may sound, when you call in a breakdown, know where you are, if it is a tire issue know the tire position (RFI, LRO) and tire size because our units have different sizes on them. This info will speed the process and allow us to get you help quicker. Phone numbers are: office 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 936-829-7063 or 7048 and after hours is 936-671-0547

Do your best to prevent a breakdown, do a good pre, and post trip inspection of your tractor and trailer every day. Don’t assume everything is good because you checked it the day before, that is when you get in trouble. Check the following items; all fluid levels, lights, brakes, air hose for cracks and chaffing areas, listen for air leaks, check your hub oil levels, look for wheel seal leaks, we burn up way too many axles here at Fleetwood because not enough of you do this. Tires are the number one breakdown issue so keep them aired up, look for flat spots, uneven wear, side cuts and possible bubbles. Help keep the fleet moving and do your pre-trip.

I want everyone to get in the habit of draining their tractor air tank at least once a week. This will get any moisture build up out of the system, help the life of your air dryer and help stop contaminates (water & sludge) from getting into our trailers.



Help keep our units off the side of the road