Warehouse Division

Warehouse and Port Services - Houston

Fleetwood Port Services, located in the Greensport Industrial Park on the Houston Ship Channel, offers many services to customers with import and export needs in the Houston/Texas markets. Services include direct discharge, trans-loading inbound and outbound rail, truck loading and unloading, special handling, inventory management, transportation, and distribution.

With warehouse square footage over 250,000 feet as well as several acres for outside storage available, Fleetwood Port Services handles wood products, building supplies, wire, steel coils, steel plate, stainless steel coils and sheets, bars rods, super sacks, roofing, and various other break bulk products.

The Port Services operation is located on an open rail switch that is serviced by the Port Terminal Railroad Association with 900 feet of inside rail spur that can handle up to 13 cars at a time. Outside rail is also available for the handling and storage of center beam and box cars. The product that is unloaded on the inside can be serviced by two 25 ton overhead cranes.

A fleet of trucks dedicated to this facility is provided by Fleetwood Transportation Services and is dispatched out of this office.

Fleetwood Port Logistics - Savannah Georgia-Port of Savannah

Fleetwood Port Logistics operates out of over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space and over 15 acres of outside storage area. Located in Garden City, GA at 4884 Old Louisville Road FPL offers multiple services to our customers. Services include direct discharge, truck loading and unloading, rail (Norfolk Southern), special handling and sorting, all types of container unloading and loading (import and export), inventory management, transportation and distribution.

Commodities typically include wood products, building materials, steel coils, rods, beams, and wire. Other commodities include pipe, conduit, stainless steel coils and sheets and other products that may arrive via container.

FPL has a fleet of trucks provided by Fleetwood Transportation Services dedicated to the Savannah location offering distribution and delivery services to our warehouse customers. FPL also has a fulltime freight broker on staff to handle customer trucking needs that cannot be filled by the local trucks.